Wiz Khalifa Drops “The Saga Of Wiz Khalifa” New Album Stream

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Wiz Khalifa Drops "The Saga Of Wiz Khalifa" New Album Stream

Just suprise right, but it’s real that Wiz Khalifa has released new album right of the bat. 2019 we had enough of his songs, freebies from different angles yet earlier this year more hits came to light from Wiz K.

Wiz Khalifa according to report reaching Amahiphop, he wants quarantine, self-isolation of his fans to be an avenue of hearing new singles and videos. While The Saga Of Wiz Khalifa album is unbeknown to most fans, the rapper today dropped his new project on Spotify and Apple Music.

Sure the project recruits artists like Tyga, Quavo who recently got 2020 Amahiphop compilation, Mustard, Megan Thee Stallion and more are respectively feature on this project. Again, you remember that Wiz Khalifa always love dropping new project on 4.20, mark as weed day.

Wiz Khalifa New project is below for stream and you can also watch Wiz new video on Amahiphop March Hip-hop videos. The Contact song featuring The Saga Of Wiz Khalifa also appeared on Amahiphop Top 2020 videos.

Stream The Saga Of Wiz Khalifa as 7 seven tracks made the tracklist

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