Why You Shouldn’t Be Tired Of Ja Rule and 50 Cent Beef This Time

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Why You Shouldn't Be Tired Of Ja Rule 50 Cent Beef This Time

The 50 Cent and Ja Rule bird of same feather. The Off and On beef continue travel beyond future yet after they riddled each verbally using Instagram to respond before and after, Ja Rule again still catching more smoke against Foofy Cent. He just called him Curtis Ratson on Instagram.

50 Cent has gotten series of name from his notable adversaries. His beef with fellow G-unit Young Bucks gave him Foofy, just as Good freestyle. 

Well it’s funny and fun to be. Remember you all are on self-isolation, kind of self-restriction and getting entertained with beef is literally this platform of waiting for the COVID-19 Pandemic outbreak to be buried.

Watching interviews hip-hop beefs moved into 2020 then it shouldn’t be breaking news hearing both 50 Cent and Ja Rule signed forever foes. Ja Rule and 50 Cent’s strain has been well documented since the 2000s So getting addicted to their social altercation, jabs and more importantly is entertaining specially on this Pandemic.

Last year, Fiddy did had notorious beefs. He ducked it out with Young Buck, Mari, Nick Cannon, Ja Rule of course and just this year he brought French Montana to his catalog of beefs. 

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