YG Quickie Music Video

Watch YG ‘Quickie’ Music Video

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YG is making another quick move again. But one thing you should know right now is that YG still want to treat his fans with Quickie music video. This is another song the rapper has released since I Got Issues album.

I Got Issue was released just this year. The album has a lot of music videos from it. You can watch all I Got Issues music videos. Quickie is just a new single from YG. Meanwhile, it won’t be updated as part of the album video.

Also, just this week YG released two new songs. We are not sure if the rapper is prepping for a new album ahead of 2023 or a new album that will be released next spring. Just before his Quickie music video, YG and Lil Wayne shared Miss My Dawgs. Listen and watch YG Quickie music video below.

You can also check the song on Lil Wayne 2022 songs and features which got updated recently. Lil Wayne could be the most featured rapper of 2022 only if he gets features before this year runs out. Might take it from 21 Savage.

YG has been proactive since this year. He maintains his 2022 music front with a new album, songs and even with more music videos from any song he drops. Thank you YG.