YG ‘Miss My Dawgs’ Ft. Lil Wayne Listen

YG ‘Miss My Dawgs’ Ft. Lil Wayne Listen

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YG Miss My Dawgs is a brand new song featuring Lil Wayne who has been proactive since this year with so many collaborations you can check out.

YG is also been busy giving us what he really meant by rap. Of course, YG has appeared on some of the notable songs you might hear so far this year. But apart from that, YG has also released his 2022 album.

The rapper shared his ‘I Got Issues’ album and that was on September 30th. However, he still has more songs to deliver. Meanwhile, he just came back with Lil Wayne and they have dropped Miss My Dawgs song. Listen below.

This song is a standalone single. It’s not one of the songs on YG’s I Got Issues album. Though he linked up with Lil Wayne who is not featured on the album as well. YG has also released I Got Issues music videos. You can watch also the videos from the album.

YG Miss My Dawgs have also been updated on Lil Wayne’s 2022 songs compilation. Lil Wayne’s 2022 compilation is where you can stream all the songs he has been featured in since this year.

We also hope to see a video treat for this song. YG is a rapper who mostly loves dropping a video of any of his songs. Miss My Dawgs will likely receive a new video. As now let’s listen to the audio version.