Playboi Carti Ketamine


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The Atlanta rapper Playboi Carti checks in with an unexpected song and video titled “KETAMINE” while fans eagerly await his upcoming album, Music.

In less than two minutes, Sir Cartier lets loose with his unreserved poems in an abandoned house, the release of “KETAMINE” was actually unexpected as the fans were really expecting a well cooked up album from him, only for them to get a single from the rapper “Playboi Carti

Meanwhile, this doesn’t mean that he is no longer going to release the long awaited album for his fans to enjoy, but just did that to let his fans know that he actually got so many packages for them.

He raps with a punk rock guitarist, saying, “They think I’m Osama, woah, she think I’m off something / I’m fucking with a bad lil’ vibe, Molly all over her tongue.” “Mom, I got me a switch, we don’t give a fuck about luck. I’m about to spot me an opportunity, I’m about to spin their truck, whoah.”

Top hit with his appearance on “Carnival,” a song featuring Rich The Kid, Kanye West, and Ty Dolla $ign. Playboi Carti has really shown fans a different part of him as an artist following the fact that he took them all unawares.