Don Toliver Deep in the water


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The rapper ‘Don Toliver” has just released a new single titled “Deep In The Water,” this new song has really gotten a lot of people talking as the rapper practically showed how deep in love he is, in the song   “Deep In The Water,” Don Toliver is enamoured.

The blue-hued music video, which debuted alongside the song, has the Houston rapper thinking back on a past romance as he drives his Harley through an abandoned village and sets up shop in the desert.

He croons, “Well, I’m in the H right now / Got my hand deep down in the sack,” as he peers out of a house and briefly glimpses an enigmatic woman. “I’m in the A right now / My chopper damn near caught a flat / Hit the blunt with a bean in it / Come and sit and relax.”

The song “Deep In The Water” is a follow-up to “Bandit,” which was released in February. Both songs are meant to promote his next album, Life Of A Don 2.

Moreover, the rapper ‘Don Toliver‘ is just beginning the year in the aspect of releasing new songs, and this one that he just dropped has really gotten the attention of many as they all want him to release more sounds like that this year.