Suge Knight Dr. Dre

Warren G Resolves Suge Knight Claim That Dr. Dre. Smacked Him

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Suge Knight made some new accusations against Warren G, and he refuted them all, including the one in which he said Dr. Dre smacked the g-funk pioneer around.

On Wednesday, Suge discussed an alleged event in which he watched Dr. Dre beat up Warren G, his own stepbrother, on his podcast, Collect Call With Suge Knight.

“You know when you were trying to use the phone when you weren’t supposed to in front of Andre [Dr. Dre] — your brother — slapped your ass around so much you start saying, ‘Okay blood,” claimed the former head of Death Row Records. Alright, blood. I apologise; please don’t do that any longer. Even if you may claim it never happened, everyone is aware that it occurred.

“While I’m here, you and I can sit down in the room together, just the two of us, and history will repeat itself. I’m not trying to spread negativity.”

The rapper “Regulate” shot back, saying, “Suge, you right. Because you weren’t the only n-gga in the room, history would repeat itself. It wasn’t just you. There were other individuals present as well. I won’t identify names because, as you mentioned, we don’t communicate.Why are you talking here, then? Man, let that sh*t go.

It appears that Warren G is in excellent standing with other legends from the West Coast.

It was announced earlier this month that he would be touring with Snoop Dogg and DJ Quik to promote California hip hop throughout the Great White North.