Akon raped 13 year old girl

Akon Speaks up Over Suge Knight Claim he Raped 13 Years Old Girl.

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Singer “Akon” has spoken up concerning  the really embarraing claims made by Suge Knight saying that he raped a 13 years old girl, this claims came after Suge launched his new Collect Call podcast from prison last week.

According to him, he claims that Akon has been his long time producers and during some of the days of being together, he sexually assaulted a 13 years old daughter of one of his associates.

Meanwhile,  in response to the claims made by Suge Knight, Akon Denied that he raped a 13 years old girl while talking to X on Sunday (October 29), he clearly  stated that Suge’s claims were all a lie and nothing like thay ever happened.

“The world knows a lie when they hear it, It’s unfortunate that this man is going out like this. It’s sad and seriously embarrassing. Regardless of our history, I’m still going to be praying for him.”

Although, many of Akon fans don’t actually  believe that he actually raped a 13 years old girl following Suge’s claim due to the fact that the two artists  are having  a kind of beef and tbay could be a way that Suge Knight wanted to use and bring Akon down.

Meanwhile, Suge went in to reveal  how everything  happened, an according  to him, the incident  happened in a hotel room when one of his associates were trying  to visit  him and they met with Akon in tbe room meanwhile , she was with her 13 years old girl and her best friend which she left them with Akon to go and attend  to something amd when she gets back, she found  found the little girls looking  all scared.

“They look scared. And they’re crying. When she gets back in the car with them, they tell her  what happened”  Suge narrated