Uncle Murda's Rap Up For 2023: Another Review Unleashed

Uncle Murda’s Rap Up For 2023: Another Review Unleashed

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Uncle Murda‘s rap up for 2023, has once again been gifted to the world on January 1.

However, In this six-minute lyrical journey. Uncle Murda fearlessly intertwines humor and unfiltered commentary.

He did this by taking aim at various figures in the music industry and providing a comprehensive recap of the drama and headlines that shaped the past year.

List For Uncle Murda’s Rap Up For 2023

1. André 3000’s Solo Venture Faces Uncensored Critique

Within the rhythmic cadence of “Rap Up 2023”. Uncle Murda doesn’t mince words when addressing André 3000’s solo album, “New Blue Sun”.

More to this, He also expressed disappointment, as he boldly suggested by saying…

“André 3000 finally put some shit out, honestly, he was better off not putting shit out”.

Furthermore, Murda’s critique extends to André 3000’s unconventional choice of playing the flute on the album.

2. Sexyy Red and Uncle Murda’s Unfiltered Commentary

Sexyy Red, who is a breakout star of 2023 and also HipHopDX‘s Rookie of the Year, doesn’t escape Uncle Murda’s sharp commentary.

Murda delves into the realm of a sex tape which involved Sexyy Red, as he offered a candid advice while urging her to take precautions against STDs.

3. Navigating the YSL RICO Trial Drama with Uncle Murda

While the ongoing tension surrounding the YSL RICO trial finds its place in Uncle Murda’s narrative.

He calls on Young Thug to address allegations circulating about Gunna being a “snitch” and also, he reluctantly acknowledged Gunna’s album “A Gift & A Curse”.

4. Controversial Topics Unveiled: Remy Ma, Keke Palmer, and Jamie Foxx

Also, Uncle Murda fearlessly tackles a myriad of controversial subjects, from Remy Ma’s alleged infidelity to Keke Palmer’s claims of abuse against her ex, Darius Jackson.

Jamie Foxx’s “medical complication” doesn’t escape scrutiny, with Uncle Murda hinting at a possible link to “bad coke”.

5. Uncensored Insights into the World of Hip-Hop

Boosie Badazz and T.I.’s tumultuous relationship, Lizzo’s sexual harassment lawsuit, and Blueface’s bold claims all find their place in Uncle Murda’s “Rap Up 2023”.

Yet, amidst the unfiltered narrative, one topic delicately left untouched is the series of sexual assault lawsuits against Diddy.

As Uncle Murda tantalizingly hints that these might be addressed in an upcoming “part two” of the song.

In essence, Uncle Murda’s “Rap Up 2023” stands as a bold and unapologetic reflection on the highs, lows, and controversies that defined the year.

This is because, it cemented its place as an annual tradition that captures the pulse of the hip-hop landscape.