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Tyler, The Creator Says “No Posthumous” Album After He Dies

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Hear this and hear it clearly. Tyler, The Creator has confirmed that none of his relatives, friends, or supporters of any kind should not support the idea of releasing any music after he does. What this simply means is that Tyler has support for posthumous albums, songs mixtapes or whatever.

Many don’t want to know what dead artists have a posthumous album. Well, not everyone will love to get his or her music released after he passed away from Earth. In most beliefs, people see posthumous album as something that will be used in remembering the dead ones. It gives fans this chance to remember artists especially rappers who were killed untimely.

Having described what a posthumous album looks like, Tyler, The Creator believes once he’s done he is done with dropping new albums, features and all that mostly come before death. Tyler, might have a bunch of songs unreleased, but his stance has shown that it’s not for posthumous.

We were able to note down his will during his performance at The El Rey in Los Angeles. During a break in the action, he told the crowd to enjoy him while he’s here, because when he’s gone, that will be it for music.

“Some of these [songs] are so good I just can’t let them sit on my hard drive,” Tyler told the crowd. “Because I have in my will that if I die, they can’t put no post album out. That’s f***ing gross. Like, some random features on it with somebody I didn’t f**k with? No.”

For other major reasons, Tyler, The Creator doesn’t want Post album. It’s not cool to share a posthumous project featuring enemy of the dead one. However, Tyler didn’t clarify he has enemies but the fact remains no post-project. The ones he released is cool forever. Do not continue anything in my name.

In a post on XXL, Tyler isn’t the only rapper who has given a reason why post-album is not that necessary. Anderson. Paak got a message stating the same thing tattooed on his arm in 2021. In last March, Tyler, shared his deluxe album Call Me If You Get Lost: The Estate Sale.

However, below you can watch the show where he said no Post-album for him after he dies. Watch it below and let us know what you think.

Previously, Tyler, The Creator shared the music video of his Hot Mind. “Hot Wind Blows, which also features Lil Wayne, appears on last year’s chart-topping and Grammy-winning album, Call Me If You Get Lost. Tyler has since released its deluxe version, Call Me If You Get Lost: The Estate Sale, featuring eight additional tracks. Watch it below.