Tyga and Birdman Cash Money To Battle Over $10M ?

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Tyga and Birdman Cash Money To Battle Over $10M ?

Tyga firmly
standing to face Birdman and his rec over a large amount of dollar. Tyga
the Ex boy to Jenner is extremely taking aim on Cash Money, insisting
that well known record label owns him a deposit of $10M. Amahiphop, has
official obtained report from The Blast over the unborn but developing
story in between Birdman and Tyga.

The basic hit is the pair, Baby and T-Raww making clang as they keep demonstrating argument on who owns each other. Birdman believes Cash Money
never put on record to pay off any outstanding bill to Tyga but did
claims the Floss In The Bank rapper is the one to making a paywall to Cash Money.

Presently to legal documents from the suit, Cash Money shared accounting statements with Tyga probably that was actually a
caught evidence from Cash Money justifying what they saying and Ty and
his lega team already acknowledged the material in question. Tyga put out suit during 2018 dragging Cash Money to bars for not satisfying his royalties for 2012’s Careless World, and it also supports multi-platinum which is
“Rack City ,” and also his 2013 project Hotel California.

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Tyga royalties was said suspended after he grabbed a new contract which also got Lil Wayne upset.

“There are no royalties due and payable to Plaintiff under the referenced 2016 Release and Termination Agreement or otherwise,” docs obtained by The Blast read. “While revenue has been generated from the exploitation of Plaintiff’s recordings, Plaintiff was paid advances against royalties owed and numerous recoupable expenses have been incurred.

“As a result, Plaintiff’s royalty account is significantly unrecouped. Plaintiff has been
provided access to a royalty accounting system and the data in that system reflects Plaintiff’s unrecouped status.”

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Birdman previously admit to settle with Tyga yet demanding Tyga’s lawsuit be tossed out and asks that he pays for their legal bills

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