2020 Tupac Is Still Alive, Who Wouldn’t Want to Hear About It ?
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2020 Tupac Still Is Alive, Who Wouldn't Want Hear About It ?

Tupac is dead and that’s fiction many are still living with. PAC isn’t dead ? Maybe talking about his disappearing flatly a controversial, and love it or loath 2pac death storyline is one of hip-hop history. 

Every year people keep catching some steam on about legendary Tupac somewhere else in the world and Suge Knight’s son Knight Jr took it social and said Tupac who died over the past two decades isn’t dead of he admitted lately during Pac birthday that California Lover rapper is still alive, like he still look the same.

Suge is telling the people Tupac is alive probably conspiracy theory came in after the rapper escaped despite been shot in Las Vegas while with Suge Knight in vehicle in 1994. However that’s actually story we can’t even agree Pac is alive. It’s sort of bicker at when being discussed if he’s dead or not.

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So if Suge Knight’s son using his own platform, telling the world Tupac is alive let’s consider it as the same heading used on Rollingstone earlier last year.

On what would have been Tupac’s 49th birthday, Suge Jr. uploaded a photo on Instagram something I have seen over the past few years, suggesting there are “new photos” of Pac. “Happy Birthday @2pac you still look the same man,” Suge Jr wrote on Instagram. The attached image shows a pic of the rapper in March 1994 next to a potential lookalike, who Suge claims is the real man.


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