Rihanna One Of Most Charities Female Musicians Since 2020 ?

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Rihanna Most Charities Female Musician Since 2020 ?

As we have world philanthropic pledges, when it comes to celebraties mean our female singers representing advocacy with humanity support then from insight survilance Rihanna has been critically conducting extensive charity unlike some other figures hunting for survival of their people lately.

Don’t wanna be specific but since recent novel COVID-19 Pandemic outbreak, thoughtful gestures, scenarios shelved simply aimed at exiting Coronavirus and many have been helping on their own little way to secure lives. 

The singer was expected to loose grip of her R9 which traced all the way from 2019 when the album was swirling. She finally broke it as her Ninth studio album getting released same that year. Things flipped following COVID-19 negative globally impact effecting most ventures probably the Man Down singer was affected as well but has been on notable help to her people.

So R9 is being delayed not owning to Fenty business frontline though COVID-19 strike directly to platforms and Rihanna dropping new album this year was slated into consideration while she embarked in fight against Coronavirus.

The first move was joining force with her foundation and donate $5M following COVID-19 onslaught that kept escalating on basis even till date. Rihanna offered this not only to help, also signal of fundraising in helping U.S government equipt measures put in place in combating recent pandemic.

She also came up with $1M extra both with Join Jay Z and they gave $2M to add more support. Rihanna is a singer, female philanthropist of course and she has been one of the charities female Celebrities ranging from last decade.

Checking the most generous celebraties as 2020 Rihanna shouldn’t be missing in a new roster. 

Another latest donation is Rihanna and twitter CEO giving $15 million towards mental health services to facilitate more chances of getting people recovered. Rihanna is one who always practice joint recognition when it comes to donate. Her cooperation with Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, via her The Clara Lionel Foundation, is to donate $15 million towards mental health services in the U.S which Amahiphop recorded as another give away since 2020.

The donation will be distributed between a number of organizations, including the Trevor Project, Newark Emergency Services for Families, Greater Chicago Food Depository, and Bright Star Community Outreach. It’s the latest in a series of donations from the pop superstar and tech leader, with Rihanna’s foundation alone donating more than $36 million towards coronavirus relief to date.

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