Tupac Love Latters and Biggie’s Crown Up For Auction

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Tupac Love Latter's and Biggie's Crown Up For Auction

The legendary late hip-hop roots 2pac and Notorious Biggie had different recognition when they where alive. But till date their legacy remains also as something which can be use to remember them.

2pac love letters once spark online for auction yet here is another event set to bring people to buy as biggest bidder. It is coming on September 15.

According to The Washington Post, Biggie’s Crown is in to put out at best price ranges from $200,000 to $300,000. The headpiece is what he wore during his days of 1990’s and after a photoshoot with the crown, three days later he was murdered.

Biggie’s Crown and 2pac Love Latter’s are among materials set to execute by the highest bidder not at the lower price although Biggie crown will receive higher price than 2pac Love laters.

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