Cardi B Seriously Not Working On New Album, Readies New Song

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Cardi B Seriously Not Working On New Album

Just that Cardi upcoming project could be something late. If you are Bardi mind, hoping to stream different songs of Cardi B maybe on Tiga Wood announced album then Cardi B categorically is dropping the project in no soon.

Cardi B follow up album is among annoying pending projects projected since 2019, of course the Invasion Of Privacy has been a long run for WAP co-creator.

Just like Drake’s Skeleton King, the album is being delayed owning to COVID-19 Pandemic impact, applicable to Cardi B’s upcoming sophomore album, she’s seriously not working to deliver the album yet and behind it also novel Coronavirus.

Yes, Cardi B is working on next album and seriously not planning to release as fans expected. According to Interview she made appearance with Angie Martinez on 14:30 minute mark, the press rapper said her new album is not yet done, hopefully new song is on the way.

Before Cardi B drop her anticipated studio album she promised to release new track from the album in question. Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion WAP impressively hit No. 1 on Billboard chart making Cardi B secure her third No. 1.

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