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Top 9 Rappers Who are Still Showing Their Supports for Donald Trump

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The formal US President “Donald Trump” has been facing  a lot of legal battles  following the 34 felony counts laid on him for allegedly falsifying New York business records before the 2016 elections. Meanwhile some rappers are still showing their support for him.

In addition to that, a 13 fresh charges were also added to the formal 34 felony counts including  other additional allegations that include  some alleged fraud and false statements offence in Fulton County, GA. All of this things have really made many people disassociate themselves from him, but despite that, some Donald Trump still have some top rappers who are still giving  him their supports.

Most of the supports Donald Trump is getting from those rappers could be due to the fact that he really  help them to clear some of their court records during  his own time as the president of America, as one of the rappers “Sexxy Red” gave him some flowers  during her appearance  at the Theo Von on his This Past Weekend podcast in October, for pardoning so many artists including Lil Wayne during his time as the president.

Also Kodak Black has always  remained a very strong  supporter of Donald Trump  as the rapper also got his pardon from him in the year 2019, as the rapper was supposed to serve a four year jail term for illegal possession of firearms, this was a very good experience kodak Black has with Donald Trump which has made him a very die hard fan of the US formal President.

Kanye West

Kanye West has also been that one of the rappers who will never leave  the side of Donald Trump in this trial time, following the factnthaybhe also got his own benefit during the gormal president’s time in office, he even showed that  he was going  to vote for him afyer hos first tenure as the president, “No, I’m definitely voting this time,  And we know who I’m voting on. And I’m not going to be told by the people around me and the people that have their agenda that my career is going to be over. Because guess what: I’m still here! Jesus Is King was No. 1!” Kanye stated back then.

Kodak Black

Kodak Black has proven in so many occasions to be a very die hard supporter of Donald Trump and with the fact that he took it up to his instagram fans to to defend the US Formal President “Donald Trump ” the period  he was arrested on 34 felony counts of falsifying business records, he has been considered the to one of the rappers who are still showing  their support  to the formal president of America.

“I feel like these people are on some other s**t, they are trying to get Trump out the way cause Trump a stand-up n***a. Biden will let a n***a do anything. Trump is a real n***a. He’s a soldier. It ain’t how he snapped for a n***a. It ain’t even about that. Y’all get off Trump, man.” Kodak Black stated on his instagram on April 6th which was just two days after the president  was arrested.

Chief Keef

Chief Keef is the second rapper who has also been showingredients his supports for Donald Trump since his arrest, this rapper actually shouted out the the US formal President following  “the POTUS’ arrest in Atlanta on charges including violating Georgia’s RICO Act”

Meanwhile, all Chief Keef statements was mainly referring to the fact that Donald Trump really  favoured those of them who actually  got into some prison case during  his tenure as the president of America follow the photoshoped picture of Trump he posted, where Trump were showing of a Gangsta Disciple gang sign.

“Nah my boy in dat b***h bangin on dem folks,” Chief Keef wrote over the photo on his Instagram Story. “I know whatever deck he on he good in the hood for sure he finna run the prison. That boy finna be eating like a MF all da Blacks finna have my boy back” Keef captioned on the Photoshoped image of Trump.

Bunny The Butcher

Bunny The Butcher is also one of the rappers who publicly declared his support for the formal US President “Donald Trump” during  the election, despite  the fact that the Mayor of Buffalo, N.Y. is a member of the democratic party.

Bandman Kevo

Bandman Kevo has remain the good follower of Donald Trump and the love he has for the formal president  has got him to make a tattoo of him on his body. During  his recent appearance at the We In Miami podcast for an interview,  the rapper stated that its better for him to continue supporting Donald Trump than supporting Ben Franķlin, the was when they asked him why he still has the tattoo of Trump despite  his statements about the blacks.

“I mean I feel like the Democrats is more like for people who need help,” Kevo explained. “We will give you this you can get more food stamps or more this or more that, you know? To be honest Trump got me out of jail like six months early.” Bandman stated as he was asked to say his love for Trump.

Lil Pump

Lil Pump has been with Donald Trump starting  from 2020 as he joined him in several occasions during  his rallies back them, even after the formal president was arrested on August 26 2023, Pump also made a public post requesting for the release Donald Trump.

Waka Flocka Flame

Waka Flocka Flame has been known for always showing up for Donald Trump during  every of his presidential campaign, during his first tenure’s campaign , Waka proudly  stated that Trump was going  to be a better president than Obama and also on October, he also post #Trump2024 and latest posted a picture of him and and the formal president which he captioned his New profile picture.


OhGeesy also stated his supports  for Donald  Trump during the appearance at the TMZ in October after he echoed that he supporting  Sexyy Red statements of wanting Trump to return to office.

Moreover, OhGeesy was only referring to the fact that Trump actually brought back the stimulus checks they have always wanted as one of the reasons  he is supporting him “We f**k with Donald Trump, he brought the stimulus checks we need some more of that right now,” OhGeesy said. “Bring Donald Trump back in, shout out Sexyy Red, too.” He stated

Azealia Banks

Azealia Banks is a female singer that has once pledged her support for Donald Trump following  her argument at the “The Standard” about the formal president being able to protect  the second amendment with some points that everyone would “absolutely need guns” if there was ever “a nuclear fallout or a meteor hitting Earth.”