T.I Calls Out 50 Cent, Lil Wayne and More For IG Verzuz On New Complex

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T.I Calls Out 50 Cent, Lil Wayne and More For IG Verzuz On New Complex

50 Cent’s generation of rappers are desperately dragging him out for Instagram live Verzuz. He continue to discard battles from different rounds yet again another vent. is calling him to hit up with him on Instagram live which has become ways of entertaining fans while on Pandemic outbreak.

So who’s behind new contest against 50 Cent ? Probably T.I not only willing to battle Fiddy though watching his new Complex interview uploaded on Instagram, he mentioned going on Verzuz both with Lil Wayne and more contemporaries.

“People be asking for me and Jeezy but I’ll go for a hit-for-hit with anybody from my generation, I don’t care who it is,” Tip said. “Fifty,” he suggested. The rapper went on to namedrop Lil Wayne as well, admitting that he would be tough to beat. “Me and Wayne. Somebody just said me and Wayne,” T.I. said appearing to have read a suggestion from the comments. “He gonna be tough. I’m pulling up though.

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Well, he only suggest tough Verzuz which could make sense at the same time naming Lil Wayne, Fifty also Jeezy. As for 50 Cent, the POWER co-creator haven’t declared any IG Verzuz despite Ja Rule too anxious to rival. 

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