Eminem Talks About 50 Cent Album and Favorite Project Red Flu

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Eminem Talks 50 Cent Album and Favorite Project Red Flu

Slim Shady still can find valid rappers to add under his favorite. Indeed we have heard his thoughtful gesture at least Eminem somewhere this month talked about Lil favorite Lyrics which Amahiphop also added to those top Hip-Hop Lyrics of all time.

However, fans never get tired of Eminem future album and wants new further proceedings, hearing more of his music front with lot of collaboration hitting up sometime in new 20’s. Sure that’s exactly sight at respective of Music To Be Murdered By.

Eminem might’ve shared some Inner workings and he favoured at. On his convo with fans, those of them that really wants to know more Eminem’s favourites finally understood Young M.A latest album Red Flu is currently Eminem favourite project. 

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His live Chat answered few questions from fans and also brought it to notice as regards to his everyday friend, 50 Cent. Eminem reference to 50 Cent’s best album which he mentioned as (Get Rich or Die Tryin) and song (‘Places to Go’). Still on live chat, the Rap God made it known that his dream collaboration goes to Andre 3000 meanwhile there’s possibility of streaming new different.

In October 2019, 50 Cent said he is working on new album with Eminem and everyone was like 2020 we’re listening to new 50 Cent Eminem collaboration. MTBMB didn’t actually gave that as fans expected although if there’s hope then let’s believe both parties are working together.

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