The Weeknd and Post Malone One Right Now

The Weeknd & Post Malone New Song ”One Right Now” – Listen

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The Weeknd is one of these artists who are currently having a 2021 songs compilation on Amahiphop. Checking out The Weeknd’s 2021 songs compilation they you will see the singer has about 6 songs on his Amahiphop 2021 compilations. Those songs include The Source, Save Your Tears (Remix), Take My Breath, Hurricane, Moth To A Flame and Better Believe. The Weeknd Adds New Post Malone Song ”One Right Now” to compilation.

Apart from that The Weeknd also shared a new version of House Of Balloons (Original) which has been on his 2021 songs list.

Now there is this new song which you might have not heard. It’s a new song from Post Malone and he called it One Right Now. The has been added to Post Malone this year’s songs catalogue.

One Right Now once teased on Instagram by The Weeknd and Post Malone as they confirmed the song will be released today. They shared it on Instagram and finally here’s the official version.

Meanwhile, The Weeknd’s 2021 songs have been updated with a new collaboration with Post Malone. Post Malone hasn’t gotten Amahiphop 2021 songs compilation. But the singer’s compilation joins our top artists on compilation.

To stream all The Weeknd’s new songs, just check it on his compilation page.

About eight songs the Weeknd has gotten adding One Right Now with Post Malone. Meanwhile, fans are waiting for the follow up to his After Hours album which is called The Dawn is Coming.