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SZA admits she’s not a kind of person and fame makes her uncomfortable.
She has revealed after a record-breaking year, with her sophomore album SOS, the lows of achieving ultra-stardom.

During a recent sit down with Zane Lowe, ahead of her Apple Music Live performance at Brookyln’s Barclays Center, the “Kill Bill” singer explained how outside pressures combined with the power of perception have impacted her interactions with fans and the likes.

“I realized as of recent a lot of this shit is not normal,” she began, speaking on her success. “I didn’t know how to process that experience and I was having a lot of lashing out and a lot of frustration — a lot of opinions, a lot of entitlement to your space, a lot of entitlement to your time, a lot of expectation and no one is understanding, in the realm of being like ‘Why?’

“It actually makes me on edge and not a kind person because of the anxiety of wondering like how people… there’s so much perceiving going on. But, there people don’t know you. They say you’re in a vacuum in your most high-pressure moment. But, it’s like, it’s scary. So, it’s like, oh my God, I’m not the person I want to be right now. Because I’m not kind, calm, and like relaxed, and patient.”

SZA admits she’s uncomfortable with fame

SZA went on to share that despite finding fame she is “still the shy person she was in high school.”

“I hate being perceived. I hate coming outside. I don’t want to party. I don’t want anybody to really look at me, honestly. I don’t want to take pictures. I hate being on video. It’s the bane of my existence. It makes me really, really uncomfortable — I cry,” she added, admitting she had consumed several calming gummies before the interview.

SZA wrestling with anxiety and FOMO

She also admitted to wrestling with anxiety and FOMO (the fear of missing out) when it comes to posting regularly on social media.

“I get anxious posting ab my life then get fomo watching other ppl post then experience way more life so there’s so much more to post and get anxious ab the volume of material then fomo again watching awesome posts then back to experiencing more magical life material I can’t post,” she added.