SZA's Artwork For New Album 'LANA': Unveiling Six Unique Covers

SZA’s Artwork For New Album ‘LANA’: Unveiling Six Unique Covers

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SZA‘s artwork for new album ‘LANA’ has pleasantly shocked fans with the unexpected reveal of not one, but six distinctive artworks.

Furthermore, This revelation comes just a day after the anniversary of SOS. Adding an extra layer of excitement to the surprise.

Originally conceived as a deluxe extension of her 5x platinum album SOS. The project transformed into a standalone album with its own identity.

During an impromptu performance at New York’s Brooklyn Navy Yard. SZA spilled the details, describing Lana as a separate entity featuring seven to ten songs, set to drop this fall.

Intriguingly, SZA shared that the name “LANA” is not just the title of her album but also her first tattoo.

Additionally, This ink bears significance as she couldn’t afford the initial two letters of her birth name, “Solána”.

In a recent interview. SZA opened up about the evolution of the deluxe project into a full-fledged album.

Originally intended to be a collection of outtakes and new tracks. Lana exceeded her expectations.

Moreover, She expressed her desire to move away from the intense themes of her previous work. While aiming for a more carefree and liberating musical experience.

“It’s definitely turning into its own album”. She shared.

While, Reflecting on her creative process. SZA drew inspiration from iconic artists like Frank Ocean and André 3000. Emphasizing the freedom of expression.

However, This unpredictability adds an air of anticipation, with the artist contemplating whether now is the time to adhere to consistency or embrace spontaneity.

In conclusion, As SZA treated fans to a glimpse of all the different versions of ‘LANA,’ the exact release date of the album remains a mystery.

Stay tuned for updates on this eagerly awaited musical venture. The excitement surrounding SZA’s Artwork for new album ‘LANA’ continues to grow, promising a unique and unexpected addition to the artist’s discography.