Kodak Black Reveals He’s Expecting Another Child With His Fiancée

Kodak Black Reveals He’s Expecting Another Child With His Fiancée

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Kodak Black Reveals  He’s Expecting  Another  Child With His Fiancée. He has admitted to using methamphetamine and revealed he is due to be a father again.

The controversial rapper had previously discussed his drug use on Instagram Live earlier this week, confessing to “abusing” Percocets in the past and spending hundreds of thousands of dollars trying to get clean.

Kodak further discussed his drug use and rambled about having done meth, In a separate broadcast.

Despite confessing to using meth, Kodak also once again denied accusations that he was taking cocaine at the time of his arrest last week for drug possession.

“I’ve done told y’all I did meth before. I ain’t even round no cocaine. Cocaine crazy! What the fuck? […] I ain’t no baser. I ain’t no junkie, bitch.” he said.

He also said the arresting police officers did not have body cam footage of him allegedly trying to dispose of cocaine by swallowing it.



Kodak Black also said he’s expecting another child with his fiancée .In the same Instagram Live.“They say you need a wife, I got one. My fiancée having a baby boy in two months. I’m trying to hit my quota, too!”


attorney Bradford Cohen, represented him as he recently appeared in a court hearing.

However, Bradford Cohen contended in court that he was also a victim of police cover-up.

Although, He did state this while referring to the drug possession and trafficking case from last year.