Summer Walker Working With Drake Since Chris Brown’s Collab. ?
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Summer photos

Summer Walker has gotten a lot of called out from fans. She has faced series of social attention from diverse fans and once talked about quitting Music which could be more unserious to most minds.

Over It pays off in a big way to Summer, attracts some groundbreaking artists like Chris Brown and more of other contemporaries. Both Walker and Breezy did a collaboration, a surprise single titled Something Real after Hate singer foundness on Over It.

That was actually a hit featuring both parties for the first time.

Now there’s a new crossfire, speculation which related folks considered as dating or some inner workings between Drake and Walker since fans believes Summer Walker delayed tour simply to hang out with Drake. It looks suspicious and vicious fans have comment prefed opinion following Walker’s tour.

She hits back after coming under fire over the cause of tour delay. Although she recently scaled back her tour commitments due to her battle with severe social anxiety, had posted photos of herself hanging out with hometown hero Drake and producer London On Da Track shortly before the performance, leaving many fuming.

She later found her way back on Instagram and lashes some words, those appeal behind her tour speculation and swirling. She allowed her Instagram clip get under fans skins, tried to convince why the delay happened.”Y’all don’t even know what goes on behind-the-scenes. I had to fire my sound team twice,” she said. Watch below.

“I couldn’t find my passport and birth certificate. I had to be up at 5 a.m. to go to two different offices to get a new passport and birth certificate. By the time I got to Toronto, all I had time to do was check-in (to her hotel), wash my a##, and get to the venue. I didn’t even know I was motherf##king late.” She added.

Well, not sure if She Working with Drake only she has been with Drake and London On Da Track after her Performance. Many claims Drake and Walker are working on new since she posted a photo of herself with Drake and London On Da Track. Some also claimed she delayed her tour to hangout with Drake but she Cleared all bugs in new video above.


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