Summer Walker Pregnancy Sagging her B**bs, She Cries Out
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Summer is such crazy person for herself. You know she recently dropped a new song “SENSE DAT GOD GAVE YOU” featuring Sexyy Red. The song also appeared on our female rap songs of 2022 which you can also check out. Summer Walker might have been getting some weakness of plastic surgery. Her pregnancy is ruining the dollars on her body.

Summer Walker pregnancy, according to her it’s making her get sagging b**bs. Although she’s not too worried about that but she has complained about stretchy marks and new plan for getting it all fixed.

Summer is definitely going to “lift it up” once again probably after getting her new special baby delivered in no distance. Taking to her Instagram account via:

“I’m so mad I had just got my body done last year,” she wrote in the temporary post, “n now all the $ went down the drain lol boobs saggy stretchy marks everywhere probably gone have a gut.”

As you can see she is more of worried about the changes on her body. This will the second baby she will be having. The pregnancy rumours began back in June 25th of this year. But she confirmed the next day.

“People asking me if I’m pregnant,” she said. “I am! And, you know, I’m very very very happy about it, very excited about it. It’s just, you know, really peaceful, really happy. Lots of help, lots of love, and the only reason I’m even saying anything is because, you know, last time … I felt very disrespected that people didn’t let me tell that myself.”

Congrats to her once again. The Over It singer has also gotten some featured songs this year. She assisted Ciara on ‘Better Things’. That was after her link up with The Weeknd on Best Friends remix.

She also joined SZA and Cardi B on No Love Remix in March. Her last album “ Still Over It” was released in Nov. 2021. You might a new summer Walker album by next year.