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Stream: NBA YoungBoy Releases First 2022 Mixtape Colors

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People like NBA YoungBoy wouldn’t like to get to the middle of the year before they can drop a new album, song or video. The Still, Flexin rapper has been dropping new songs and videos for a month because of new mixtape Colors and here is it? Meanwhile, he has been a busy man and a few new songs have joined Amahiphop U.S PMVC Jan. videos compilation.

NBA Colors mixtape featured songs title like “Emo Rockstar,” “Emo Love,”, “Know Like I Know” “Bestie/Hit,” with DaBaby and more you can stream on the new album. But despite how his limited freedom from the Feds, he always has a way to celebrate with his fans. NBA is on federal charge which is giving him less freedom. He is still on house arrest but still drops a new song, album or mixtape just like you are about to listen to one as his first mixtape in 2022.

Colors mixtape welcomed about 20 tracks. The mixtape featured Quando Rondo on Gangsta is track 11. Thanks to the rapper for fulfilling his promise upon the odds moments he is facing. He announced that this project will be available before January runs out. Already he has dropped Fish Scale. You can stream the mixtape below and tell us what you think.

NBA YoungBoy is one of the most respected new hip hop rappers who has also gotten praise from most traditional hip hop moguls. You can also check out his “Bestie/Hit,” with DaBaby. Also expect more videos, features, albums and more from him because the never broke rapper can drop projects for his fans. Watch all his new videos on Amahiphop U.S PMVC. About two to three videos from Colors mixtape is out to watch. NBA YoungBoy might also get Amahiphop 2022 songs compilation only if he gets more collaborations this year.