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Spotify Increases Drake’s 2023 Net worth as top streamed Artist

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Just bear in mind that Drake is now the owner of Spotify streaming. He might be the CEO but the Hotline Bling is nothing but a milestone himself.

Musicians have always had good moments with Spotify serving them as a commercial platform to earn money while making music, be a singers or rappers.

But these days especially in this present decade, Drake has always been a rapper-singer who keeps dominating the platform making his net worth more expensive.

Yes, HER LOSS co-rapper’s net worth is now expensive, and by estimating his worth then you will realize that Drake’s current net worth is around £260, and all this has an integral part from Spotify.

Drake has also acknowledged the fact that musicians are doing great with Spotify. He suggested that artists should be given a bounce for achieving a millstones.

His suggestion came to hill after he becomes the highest-streamed rapper with 75 billion streams on the S streaming platform. He made it clear that musicians “should get bonuses like athletes to motivate future artists to be consistent and competitive.”

Drake, having shared his 2023 album and plan, it’s even safe to say, Drake’s 2023 net worth would increase because the rapper got what it takes and Spotify is also behind it.

Why Drake is the most popular rapper/artist because he is the most streamed artist on the Spotify streaming platform.

He has been maintaining the accolade even since last year and what has helped him to move on with such a milestone is his last two albums which he released in 2022.

Drake profits the most out of any artist on the platform, taking $52.5m from 21.5 billion streams. The rapper is reportedly worth around $250m.

Apart from Spotify being part of Drake’s source of income, the rapper also makes his money in other ways. Drake is at least well known for getting paid hugely with concerts, and brand endorsements.