Kanye West and Bianca Censori

Some Notable Moments of Kanye West and his Wife Bianca Censori so Far

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Kanye West  and his wife Bianca Censori have really got some notable memories during the space of their relationship, this couple has actually been together since the year 2022 and they have really done a lot together which most time do cause some strong reactions online.

Some of their activities that mostly drag people’s attention  include, showing  up in some shopping mall with his wife Bianca Censori putting on some outfit that looks so skinny and exposing, most a time, fans don’t  get so comfortable with most of her outfit thay they will confront her just to give some corrections.

Moreover, it is no more a big deal for the two couples, following the fact that they don’t even care about what people  say about some of their displays something as they continue to live happily together, moreover, they officially became Lover on January 2023 after which they tied the knot on October 2023.

Considering  the fact that most of their fans have starting  realising  that some of their displays could be intentional, they have started  finding  interesting knowing  fully well that it’s just the beginning  of every, since they are still happily together.

So, we at aswehiphop.com are also interested  as we also have a record of some of their notable memories since they have lovers, so, below are some of these memories that they have made since they became couples.

Bianca Censori Models New Yeezy Outfit

After Bianca Censori was officially  announced  as Kany West’s Wife, she tool tbe first step in the relationship on her Instagram handle  to promote the new yeezy outfit, this actually surprised a lot of fans as they never expected  her to make such moves.

Meanwhile, at that point, kanye West formal employee “Mowalola Ogunlesi” then posted the pictures of Bianca Censori rocking the Yeezy outfit that is relied solely on body tape and black high heels on his instagram handle.


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This was actually coming up not so long after Ye faced some online Backlash after so many people including most of his fans called him out for misogyn, although some notable people such as Julia Fox who is Kanye West’s formal flame didn’t join the crowd to drag his name at that moment but rather she sent some written now to show her support.

Old Modeling Photos of Bianca Censori Leaked Online.

After Bianca Censori officially  became Kanye West wife,  a lot of fans starting becoming interested in everything  that concerns  her, some of this information about include the old ones from her passed life.

In the month of August 2023, a leaked picture of  Bianca Censori from her old modeling days started making round on the Internet, he the picture, she was actually  putting on a bikini to promote the swimwear brand Sasha Label.


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Kanye West and Bianca Censori Indulges in PDA During Lunch Date

Kanye West and Bianca Censori started going on a lot of outings after they became couples, they were spotted in so many launch and dinner dates during  the summer, and around june, as their love kept  going so higher and higher, the couples was seen on a photograph that surfaced online as they were engaging in some serious PDA outside The Lobster restaurant.

This wasn’t  a very good one for them at that moment as a lot of criticism raised  among their fans who were not cool with that, meanwhile, it is clearly a very big mistake from the couple who were so carried away by love, as the criticism was going on, the rapper and fashionista came out and gave a public  apology  for the act.

Kanye West and Bianca Censori Explore Italy

The Happy Couple moved to Italy for some good time on August 2023, amd just as usual, the Bianca Censori raised  a lot of eyebrows with most of her outfit throughout their stay in Italy, her skinny outfit raised a lot of concerns in Italy following  the fact  it is a conservative Catholic country.


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During  their stay in Italy, and as they went to Via dei Calzaiuoli in Florence for a shopping, the couple decided to take some photo shoots outside which really caught the attention of so many people who left all they were doing amd surrounded the couple as they were taking some pictures.

Kanye and Bianca Take Interesting Boat Ride in Italy

Kanye West and Bianca Censori caused a very great eyebrows in while they were  in Italy during their riverboat ride through Venice, when fans saw them riding the boat, they started videoing them as they admired them, not until Kanye West decided to expose his Bum and in the futher pictures that surfaced online from that same event shows Bianca with her head in Kanye’s lap prior to his pants being down.

This was really unacceptable to a lot of people who withnessed that and also to people who saw it online as they suggested that they should be ban, meanwhile, The Venice water taxi company has banned the couple to aboard any of their vessels as confirmed in a September 2023 statement by Venezia Turismo Motoscafi.

Kanye and Bianca Attend Art Basel

Kanye and Bianca Attended an Art Basel in Miami on Dec. 17, 2023 after they returned from Saudi Arabia where he was working  on his upcoming music album “Vultures” and in the event, Bianca Censori  also caused a buzz with her entirely see-through, sheer jumpsuit..

Bianca Censori Celebrates Her 29th Birthday

Ye actually  celebrated  his wife during beer 29th birthday celebration on 6th Jan. Thee rapper started with writing  a very  heart felt birthday massage and wishes for his wife, after which he then posted some cool pictures of Bianca Censori just be show the world how beautiful  she looks especially on her special day.

“Happy birthday to the most beautiful super bad iconic muse inspirational talented artist masters degree in architecture 140 IQ loving by my side everyday when half the world turned their backs on me and the most amazing step mom to our children I love you so much thank you for sharing your life with me” Kanye West wrote for his wife.

Ye Shops With Bianca Wearing a Tiny Bikini in Las Vegas

During  Kanye West and Bianca Censori recent shopping  in Las Vegas, fans could not believe  what they saw as the female architecture was seen wearing  a very tiny bikini while they were browsing in the Balenciaga store at Vegas’ Wynn Hotel.

The bikini shirt she was wearing  could barely cover her body, and in a further video that showcased online also shows Bianca walking around the hotel barefooted. At some point  fans actually  started  raising  some concerns about Bianca Censori displays, although  many believes that she is being  very intentional about all of her eyebrows displays.

Kanye West Posts revealing Photos of Bianca on Instagram

After Kanye reactivated his instagram accounts following  it’s ban, he didn’t waste any time as he started posting some impromptu picture of his wife “Bianca Censori” which are also so revealing as a lot of fans are not also okay with it.