Slim Thug impregnated Cousin

Slim Thug Speaks up on pass Rumors that he Impregnated his Cousin

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Rapper “Slim Thug” can cleared the air on the rumor that he impregnated  his cousin , meanwhile the rapper once admitted  to that during the moment when the news broadcasted everywhere, but he has told a different story about the incident.

Slim Thug who once admitted that he impregnated his cousin sister has later come out after a decade to say thay he was only trolling about the issue and that nothing like that happened  as he never impregnated anyone.

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“I got a baby by my cousin? Which one of my aunties or uncles did I get pregnant with their child?, Stop the cap, man. They come up with some bullshit like that. Stop the cap. Show me any of my aunties and uncles I got one of my cousin’s pregnant. You dumb muthafuckas. It come from when I trolled a long time ago saying some shit like that on Twitter. This is where that shit come from.” Slim Thug responded during  his instagram live.


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Meanwhile, after some findings of the issue, it come out that the rumors that Slim Thug impregnated his cousin sister started back in 2012, when the rapper made a certain paot about the issue saying  that it was the reason his relationship with former Destiny’s Child singer LeToya Luckett ended.

Meanwhile, in a certain news that surfaced online last week, Slim Thug addressed the issue between Diddy and Cassie as he stated that he lady was actually  trying to make some money out of that because  she didn’t  report the issue all this while it has been going on.

“They’re coming back and getting Bill Cosby, coming back and getting Puff — I don’t believe in that, man. “When shit go down, speak on that shit right there or it should be null and void. You shouldn’t be able to do shit unless you let the people know what happened immediately. There should be a time limit on that shit.” Slim Thug stated.