Roddy Ricch Arrest

Roddy Ricch Arrest on Weapons Charges Before Taking Governor’s Ball Stage, Full Story

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The thing is that Roddy Richh took Gun with him just before his performance at New York City’s annual Governors Ball music festival. This whole thing happened yesterday June 11 2022. Roddy Ricch arrest has stopped him from performing at the show.

Roddy Ricch arrest is another arrest we are seeing this year and it has come after Young Thug who was arrested last month May 10th 2022 with Gunna for RICO charge. The news hit online a few hours ago though and has been confirmed Roddy Rich arrest is true on gun charges ahead of Governors Ball’s performance.

According to a Twitter user who first began the widespread news: “Unfortunately Roddy Ricch is no longer performing today.” The user said because the arrest, the rapper won’t make it on stage since but he and his entourage have been riddled ahead.

The Governor’s ball’s performance is a huge festival where Roddy is featured as a guest appearance. Plans changed at the security checkpoint.

Roddy Ricchy was found in possession of drugs and a loaded firearm inside his exotic vehicle. The officers who conducted an extensive search in Roddy’s car said about nine rounds of ammo were found as well, plus a large-capacity magazine.

Now he has fallen a victim and the police arrested him with some of the other members who were in accompanying to performance. Roddy has been with four counts of criminal possession of a weapon, possession of a large capacity ammo feeding device, and unlawful possession of that device.

Roddy Ricch arrest photo

Rappers Who Couldn’t Help The New York Governor’s Ball festival

Roddy Richhy is no longer available for the festival owing to his recent saga. Other rappers who didn’t come to the festival are Migos and Lil Wayne.

Though it’s obvious that right now Migos are not organised. Meanwhile, the rumoured beef is possibly the restriction on why they backed off from the show. Lil Wayne who was also supposed to show up didn’t make but A$AP Ferge is the only rapper who replaced them all.

Roddy Ricch was featured on Post Malone’s new album Twelve Carat Toothache which was released earlier this month June 3rd. The rapper assisted Posty on a Cooped Up song and you can check it out if you haven’t.

Roddy Ricch arrest headline is developing and we will update more information about his arrest and more. Stay tuned.