Kanye West 5 Best Songs

Kanye West Top 5 Songs Ranked

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In This article, we have provided you with the best links that will help get to Kanye West’s best songs of all time. We are also giving you all our own best Kanye West 5 Best songs ever.

Although this article is created from research which has helped us to pick out the songs of Kenya West of all time. Kanye West whose real name remains unchanged is one of the biggest rappers of all. You can also check his most ranked album.

From our top 5 rated songs of Kanye West, is a collective song from his different albums. We also pick some from Timeout’s list which was edited by Andy Kryza and published back in 2021.

Other related sites include hot969boston and Offcialcharts. Meanwhile, Kanye Best songs have been rated across those sites yet again we have picked Kanye West Top 5 songs ever. Check out the most 5 hit songs of YE below.

Kanye West 5 Best Songs Ever

  • Runaway
  • Stronger
  • Gold Digger
  • Flashing Lights
  • Jesus Walks


This track was placed as one on hot969boston‘s 10 of Kanye West Best songs: ranked. However, we have observed that this song with it all. Runaway is a song used always in reference Kanye hit song. It was released in 2010 from Kanye West’s “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy”. Particularly, Runaway was assisted by Pusha T recently dropped his It’s Almost Dry album. Runaway, on Youtube has about 71 views. It one of the most hit songs by Kanye West and has given a shady of history in the hip-hop community. You can watch the music video below.


Kanye West has a bunch of catalogs you can always stream. Even before his Runaway, there are songs he shared which were also dope to rate and have been rated. Stronger came true in 2007 from Knaye West Graduation album. Listening to this song via officialchart, it shows that Kanye West is actually king of of sampling. it’s one of the song rated on top 10 Kanye West all time songs. Stronger picked No. 1 in U.S chart making the third songs from him to secure the spot. The that it was released, it has 1.71m chart sales including 120 million streams, is impressive, a retro Kanye classic pips it to the post on the all-time artist chart. This is another song of Kanye West that has huge view on YouTube. It’s about 415M views.

Gold Digger

Highsnobiety made us to know that Kanye West’s Gold Digger song is one of Kanye West Best 5 songs ever. It featured Jamie Foxx who assisted him maintain the song as a Kanye’s first mainstream hits, winning praise from Spike Lee and your friend’s cool dad alike. When you talk about Gold Digger the it reminds us of Late Registration album that debuted back in 2005. Stream the song and also let us know what you think about hit.

Flashing Light

There are so many things why Kanye West is considered a great artist. His work on the Flashing Light song undoubtedly not going to miss its accolades. Featuring Dewele on this one earned him a lot of fans as the song is also a top song in the Kanye’s best hits songs. It’s a song that appeared in the 2007 album, Graduation. Having had about 112M views on YouTube, this song is worth it. “Like on this one, I didn’t even try, I just zoned out, I’d go into the studio and vibe to the beat and it came and God gave me the words,” reads the lyrics.

Jesus Walks

The College Dropout, this album was dropped in 2014. “Jesus Walks” is an anthemic masterpiece; both doggedly militaristic in tone while simultaneously holding a pertinent message, one that still rings true today. Ye lays down the gauntlet from the get-go, “We at war with terrorism, racism and most of all, we at war with ourselves,” in what goes on to become what is perhaps Kanye’s most revered track.

In Conclusion: The above-mentioned songs are songs you can always stream as Kanye West’s top 5 songs loved by many. Although there are more best songs from YE and that is why we give reference to other top-ranking pages that also provides Kanye West’s best from their different views which is also worth it. Songs like Famous, Blood on the Leaves, Through the Wire, Devil in a New Dress and more are also Kanye West’s top hit songs.

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