Rihanna Nicki Minaj FTCU

Rihanna Danced to Nicki Minaj “FTCU” from Pink Friday 2

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Rihanna has patronised Nicki Minaj good Job on her latest Pink Friday 2 album as she was spotted  dancing to her “FTCU” single during  her latest Fenty X Puma launch event on Monday, December 18.

This can be added to the series  of achievements  that success made by the album, as it has just debuted at No. 1 on Billboard top 200 and following some futher reports by Billboard, the female rapper currently has up to 14 songs from the album on the billboard top 100.

Spotting  Rihanna dancing  to “FTCU” just signifies one thing which is that she is applauded  her colleague on her hard work and creativity with her craft, meanwhile it most amazed fans that she even chose to dance the song ar her latest Fenty X Puma launch event on Monday, December 18.

Meanwhile, some people like “Lil Nas X” who already  found the single “FTCU” very interesting have already made a remix of the song, but it has not been clear of the female rapper “Nicki Minaj ” would want to do a remix of the song with any one of them.

Moreover, following  the caption Nicki Minaj made on the clip of Rihanna dancing to her “FTCU ” at her latest Fenty X Puma launch event on Monday, December 18, fans have a started suspecting that Rihanna might be appearing on Nicki Minaj Pink Friday 2 Album.

“The full gag city deluxe ain’t coming out until Queen Rih send her vocals. POW @badgirlriri [three heart hands emojis].” Nicki Minaj captioned on the post she made viewing Rihanna dancing  to her “FTCU” , meanwhile, Rihanna has not responded  to that publicly to confirm if it will happen.

Fan are  really wishing that collaboration will happen, meanwhile most of the songs are on Nicki Minaj official website