Rick Ross Look Alike

Rick Ross Look Alike Confuses Fans Who Took Pictures With Him

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A young man who looks just like the rap mogul “Rick Ross” has confused an overzealous fan who went as far as taking picture with him after thinking that the rapper’s Look Alike was the real Rick Ross.

The Rick Ross Look Alike even went as far as making the fan to hit Rozay’s signature ad-libs, as the fan appears so happy and excited thinking that  she was with the real Rick Ross.

This appeared on X formally known as twitter, as a video of the Rick Ross Look Alike showcased online with an excited female fan, whose name of Hannah as revealed in the twitter post by the young man.

“I’m right here with Hannah, She just spotted me, Rick Ross, you know what I mean? Huh! Can you say that for the camera? Huh!” The man said in the video that he posted the young lady named “Hannah” was posing with him on camera.

“There you go!, Yeah, she just thought she seen Rick Ross, you know what I mean? So I wanted to give her a real little picture and everything. Hey, you know, shout out to Hannah and her husband.” He added.

This could be a very good opportunity for the Rick Ross Look Alike as many people has become so famous by looking so alike as some rapper, just like what Perkio, also known as Shmurkioo, did back in 2022 when fans realized how much he looked like Lil Durk.

Period grabbed that opportunity and gained a lot of fame with that which even got him to become a very close friend with Lil Durk, as the rapper get him involved  in most of his music projects and he is currently trying  to venture into rap as he has already dropped one song “Shake it“.