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Nba YoungBoy Slams Interviewer “Lizzie Pure” Over Collab With J.Cole

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Nba YoungBoy has graded his interview host “Lizzie Pure” to be unprofessional, following the suggestion the she made for his Never Broke Again Collaboration as she asked him if he would feature J.Cole in any music project.

In the interview that was released on YouTube  between fashion influencer Liz “Lizzie Pure” Korn talking and  NBA YoungBoy which held in his hometown in Grave Digger Mountain, Nba YoungBoy was heard calling  the interviewer a “clout chaser and unprofessional” for asking  him is he would features J.Cole in any ofnhis music projects.

It’s no more an uncertain news that the two rappers “Nba YoungBoy and J.Cole” are no more in good terms, following  their breakout after a certain misunderstanding between  the two rappers, but knowing this so well, Lizzie Pure still asked Nba YoungBoy if he would collaborate with J.Cole.

Moreover, at the interview, Lizzie Pure being a fashion influencer and a representative at an Atlanta clothing store first of all suggested that the both should do a clothing  partnership as that would be a “fire” collaboration, which YoungBoy responded that he is cool with it.

Meanwhile, Nba YoungBoy saying thay he loved the idea then told Lizzie Pure to set thay up and she replied, “I’m going  to do it”. Then after that interview, Lizzieade a post in December 17, where she talked  about her interview with Nba YoungBoy.

In her post, Nba YoungBoy was seen on 27th December on the comment section where he commented “Go report this h*e page this b***h unprofessional and clout chasing”, this shows that Nba YoungBoy wasn’t cool with the post she made.

This could be because  he never gave his consent for such post “You a dog-a** b***h ain’t nobody approved none of this you doing”