Water remix  tyla

Remix of ” water” By tyla featuring Travis scott, watch now

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The south African singer ,Tyla ,released a new song ” Water” which has been having a huge Success.

Now ,tyla has come up with a better version of the song ” water” with a great guest feature of Travis scott.

Despite Travis Scott academic plans ,he still keeping the fire burning in the music industry.As he features with tyla  on “water “remix

With a more geering verse ,Travis raps

“You deserve some wrist that’s diamonds  You deserve a trip to the islands,”

“If we post up, baby, don’t comment / You keep it wet, that’s a real-life challenge / All that ass gotta pour out of gallons.” He added.

The song tags with travis as it appears on The new single “After the party” by  Kid cudi

Watch now: