Nicole Did She Really Seeks $2 Million Monthly From Dr Dre ?

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Nicole Did She Really Seeks $2 Million Monthly From Dr Dre ?

Nicole Young is totally serious about her divorcing decision with hip-hop mogul Dr Dre who is facing court file as presented by Nicole Young following their 1996 prenuptial agreement which obviously bouncing at Dr Dre.

Back in June, Nicole Young who also manage herself as a lawyer filed for divorce from Dr Dre, yet she is stepping forward with spouse support around $2M she recently requested from her marriage with Dr Dre just before they could harmer their divorce out.

At the first place and following what appeared on her court file, Nicole Young is seeking about two million dollars monthly but randomly she amid at $5M as the total legal fees which she is fighting to pull out from Dr Dre.

Dr Dre and his attorney haven’t immediately left responds on Nicole action asking for sum amount money. Also remember that Amahiphop once reported Dr Dre revealing a prenuptial agreement linking both together. But according to Nicole Young, she addressed the prenuptial sign up as harsh and force agreement.

The prenuptial sign is not authentic, it was ripped up by the producer. Nicole also said that the agreement was made under duress making it invalid even after both married. Nicole last month did took to court to cross-examine the prenuptial written statement. She wants early trail probably to solidify her $2M request payment.

In her file, she also said that Dr Dre has been earning up to $1 billion during her marriage with him. Dr Dre net worth last grew as the most top earning musican of the decade and this how Nicole showing her main reasons by she is demanding for huge money.

“I was extremely reluctant, resistant and afraid to sign the agreement and felt backed into a corner,” Young said, adding that she was “left with no option” but to “unwillingly” sign the prenuptial agreement shortly before their wedding in 1996 because of the “extraordinary pressure and intimidation by Andre,” her court file reads.

However, Nicole Young believes that Dr Dre knows all about their agreement and how he forced him into prenuptial sign up and he is ashamed for doing so.

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