50 Cent Crazy at Dr Dre Wife’s $2M Settlement Demand

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50 Cent Crazy at Dr Dre Wife's $2M Settlement Demand

You know the $2M Nicole Young demanding from his projected to divorce husband is getting attentions and 50 Cent who always support Dr Dre and Eminem has hopped on Dre’s and Nicole Young prenuptial business.

Reading the full cause of 50 Cent latest reaction although it’s all Nicole who erupt Cent to call her out on social media lately. But love it or loath Young has filed for roughly $5M from Dr Dre force her on prenuptial spouse.

While Dr Dre and his attorney yet to comment on Nicole seeking for $2M monthly, Fiddy is totally tasty and totally fronting himself before Dr Dre could respond to her estranged wife from 1996.

Taking to his social platform, Instagram, 50 Cent questioning Nicole Young, “these Bitchs be carzy how could you even ask for $2M monthly.”

Exactly, Nicole Young is blaming Dr Dre for forcing her to signing, but later changed his mind and then ripped it up, which they say renders it invalid. 50 Cent is imagining how Nicole Young coming for his long time friend.

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