Nicki Minaj Pink Friday 2

Nicki Minaj Request a Proper Apologise from Past Haters before “Pink Friday 2”

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The female rapper “Nicki Minaj ” has dropped a strong massage for those people who she had passed beef with that have not properly Apologised to her for their wrong doings before Pink Friday 2 release.

On an instagram post she made on Saturday (November 25), Nicki Minaj Request that everyone who she had passed beef with that jas not yet apologies to her in a proper manner should do so.

“If you had the opportunity to apologize and didn’t take it, always remember: you had the opportunity of a lifetime, Pink Friday 2” she stated on her Instagram Story.

Meanwhile, in the other news, Nicki Minaj has made some comments  concerning  the release  of her upcoming Pink Friday 2, and according to her, the upcoming project will be dropping on December 8 and she has previously made reference on going back to her root, which is her old music vibes.

This has really raised more anticipation for the upcoming Pink Friday 2 album, as fans can’t wait to get that old vibes of their idol singer, after she spoke to Vogue about her plans on her upcoming album “Pink Friday 2”

“When I look back at a lot of my music, I’m like, ‘Oh, my God, where was the me in it?, So for this album, I went back to the old game plan” she stated ,

Meanwhile, the rapper went further to talk about whi she is actually projecting  with the upcoming music project “I’m fighting for the girls who never thought they could win,”from “I’m The Best” on Pink Friday 2, The idea that saying something like that could give hope to people — that optimistic outlook is something I think I got away from” Nicki Added as fans anticipates more.