Sexyy Red Blueface Sister Kaliwae

Blueface Sister “Kaliwae” Blasts Sexyy Red for Allegedly Stealing her Song

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The female rapper “Sexyy Red” is currently facing some Online blast from Blueface Sister “Kaliwae” for allegedly stealing  a song from her, according to her, she was supposed record that song but Sexyy played a smart one on her.

This came to the public notice after Blueface Sister “Kaliwae” who is still aspiring  to become  an artist took to her instagram handle on Friday (November 24) and dragged sexyy for stealing a song she was supposed to record.

“Sexyy Red is really stealing our shit, free my n-gga, he ain’t do shit.’ Free my n-gga, he ain’t do it. Like girl! She’s a mess! She’s pregnant, right?, I really don’t want to do music. But I just don’t like when motherfuckers play with me. You know what I’m saying? […] Y’all saw it all on my mama’s page. Like quit playin’, bro. Quit playin’! Y’all put two and two together. She stated while talking  to someone that was off the camera.

Meanwhile, Blueface Sister “Kaliwae” was actually referring  to sexyy latest released  which she dropped on Friday 24 November, meanwhile, some fans can as well notice that there were some usually used lines from the song that Sexyy Red just released.

“My cousin been saying free her baby daddy for 6 consecutive years, girl wrap it up” someone commented on the song, Meanwhile, “Kaliwae” has not yet revealed when she will be dropping  any song to fans who have been expecting that from her.

Meanwhile, she has been one ofnthe aspiring  artist who have got some good fan base that is really waiting  for her to start giving  them some good vibes, but it seems that she is not yet ready to releases any song at the moment, but with her comment about the  Sexyy Red released, she might drop soon.