Nicki Minaj Remembers Juice Wrld, Shade Drugs and Honors Late Rapper

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Nicki Minaj Remembers Juice Wrld In Queen Radio and Honors Late Rapper

Nicki Minaj showing her felt to Juice Wrld who lost life instead of Drugs. She’s not only rapper or influential female with heartfelt at Jarad Anthony Higgins, known professionally as Juice Wrld of course both Migos, Drake Meek Mill have sent condolence to Family and closet friends of Wrld.

During her minutes with the Game-Changer Award at the Billboard Women in Music 2019 event, she hopped on Juice Wrld and unleash some classic stores, educate more rappers off from Drugs then hinted about it’s effects and more. She made her vocal while accepting the trophy, Minaj honored the late Juice WRLD.

Nicki Minaj and popular late Wrld are close-knit at least when talking about hip-hop. Both positive parties had their common share and recalling earlier this year, Juice WRLD opened for the Queen album creator on “The Nicki Wrld Tour” in Europe. She called the “Lucid Dreams” rapper a “kindred spirit.”

“I know this is a Women in Music night, and I’m honored to be in the presence of all these women,” said Minaj. “But it doesn’t feel comfortable to talk about me when someone so important to our culture died.”

Nicki Minaj later shade at drugs. “I want to tell people drugs [aren’t] the problem, it’s the way we fix our problem. So it’s important that we don’t pass judgment so people aren’t ashamed to speak out and ask for help,” said Minaj. In addition, “I just came here tonight to ask people to be a little more forgiving and understanding, especially with entertainers. We can’t have a bad day.” Watch below.

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