Joyner Lucas Shares New Video “Revenge” Intro For ADHD Album

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Joyner Lucas Shares New Video "Revenge" Intro For ADHD Album

Joyner Lucas ADHD is obviously taking much longer to appear on streaming. He has been working on a low with promising any date for his album debut.

Joyner Lucas 2019 album is not of Spotify and Apple Music but hopefully let’s expect the album maybe on 2020. While he continue to fix himself with new project, he shared  a new video as Revenge which will likely to be an intro to ADHD album.

Watching the video on Amahiphop December videos, that will at least gives us clue about his striving to release what has been in the gut.

Joyner Lucas ADHD album is needed and fans as bystanders waiting to stream it are not getting tired although their tirelessly is something that pushes for quick movement. Lucas recently appears on Eminem and Nick Cannon hoopla, leaving his message to Nick on what could happen if he continue diss brawl with Eminem.

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