Nick Cannon wants his eighth kid from Saweetie even as he’s Celibate

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Everyone knows Nick Cannon loves babies and it won’t be a surprise if he wants more than we expect in the coming years as he’s capable of handling them. The Wild ‘n Out rapper seems to have shot at female rapper Saweetie who was the former Ex to Migos rapper, Quavo who had a tragic break-up back in the year, prompting Quavo to take back Bentley he got her.

The “Tap in” rapper, Saweetie seems to have gotten over her former relationship and now want more than a relationship from who ever she might be interested in her. The “Best friend” rapper took her Twitter to share that she “wants some babies”. The rapper got fans showing their interest in having kids with her but One person got everyone’s attention and it was Nick Cannon.

Nick Cannon

Not minding the wholesome amount of kids he has, Nick Cannon still indicated that he might want a baby with Saweetie and if this happens, the “America got talent” host will now be a father of eighth. The wild ‘n out rapper replied to saweeties tweet with a retweet which had series of emojis including the thinking face, ninja, laughing, and hand raised.

As at early October, Nick Cannon took his Talk show to announce that he’s practicing abstain till 2022. This came after he received four babies in less than one year. He received a son with his girlfriend Alyssa Scott just days after he became dad to twins Zion and Zillion with Abby De La Rosa. Although he wasn’t prepared to be Celibate, he told that his therapist suggested that for him.


Saweetie is one of the hottest female rappers in the game right now who is yet to drop her new project “Icy season” and not only Nick, but Soulja boy also showed interest in her. “What a Ni**a gotta do to have @Saweetie,” he tweeted last month just after his fall out with fellow rapper Tyga.