Nick Cannon Concur with Joyner Lucas and Declears Himself Victory Against Eminem

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Nick Cannon Concur with Joyce Lucas But Declears Himself Victory Against Eminem

OMG Nick is quitting Eminem Obie Trice rap battle because he’s the winner ? It sounds little bit disagree probably to Em Stans. Tracing Eminem and Nick Cannon from root can be interesting, however things are taking new shape but am not sure that’s the end of this infamous beef which was renewed few days lately as has sparked debates across most minds.

While Suge Knight Son decide to pick up the battle against Eminem, it looks like Nick Cannon is giving him chance to unleash his
gems of rapping.

50 Cent, Obie Trice then Joyner Lucas have positively clapped for Eminem but remember Eminem didn’t excerse his fatal and brutal bars which will be likely to subject as diss response to Nick rather men like 50 Cent and Joyner Lucas stretched attention on Nick and Slim Shady issue.

Now after dropping two diss track featuring Suge Knight and Black Squads Pray For Him, Nick has declared victory under his own coverage. He took to Twitter and tweeted by saying, @Eminem I won!!!! This has been fun now back to your regularly scheduled programs.

So that’s how the rap get closed. Many has been wondering if Joyner Lucas is the one who put an end to this hoopla. Since he warn Nick Cannon of Eminem things then flip to good but Nick has won the battle as self-decission.

Joyner Lucas added that if he didn’t stop his fight with Eminem then both Kendrick Lamar J.Cole 50 Cent and more are in.

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