The Game Talkes Eminem MGK Beef and Diss Thinks He Won Shady

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The Game Talkes Eminem MGK Beef Thinks He Won Shady

Love it or loath the Game isn’t keeping it light but coughing it harder and harder. So. Nick Cannon has dropped the rap battle of him and Eminemand The Game is attempting to host one more.

Since MGK and Eminem ducked out their infamous beef diss tracks, The Game didn’t stood chance to outspoken about the two side and now he’s picking side after his survive which took him about few months to know who actually won Killshot and Rap Devil fatal diss.

Game trying to reignite and replicate out beef from MGK is suspicious. Is either he’s obviously speaking his minds or seeking some foes to hop into, remember 50 Cent isn’t playing when adversaries tries to poke fun or mock at Eminem.

By the way, The Game channeling his advocate and labelling victory to Eminem is another vote when have gotten. Young Thug once admitted MGK ate Em off during their 2018 rap battle. In a Thursday (Dec. 12) interview with The Cruz Show on Los Angeles’ Real 92.3, the Compton rapper said he believed that MGK won that rap feud against Slim Shady.

 “Em did what I expected Em to do, but nothing to catch up to where hip-hop is today,” Game explained. “I feel like Machine Gun Kelly really gave his all, like a young, hungry dude did. Eminem was Eminem—it was great. Before I heard Machine Gun Kelly, I was like, ‘Oh Eminem”

“I know people will probably hate me for this, but I really don’t really give a fuck about that,” added Game, who said that MGK barely won the beef. “It’s was like one of those moments you have two dudes and about announced who’s the winner and they hold Machine Gun Kelly’s hands up and Eminem’s like, ‘No fucking way’ and everybody’s like, “Boo!”

As you can see above, the Born to rap album already knew it that many gonna hit him for speaking his mind of course didn’t consider any inflammatory comments to ride him get under his skin. The Game previously shared his timeless collaboration with 50 Cent it were like oh yeah we gonna expect some hit from both Fiddy and the Born 2 Rap mastermind. What do you think ?

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