New Song From The Weeknd Teased By Metro Boomin

New Song From The Weeknd Teased By Metro Boomin

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A new song from the Weeknd has been teased by Metro Boomin.

With that said, This is a clear sign that their prolific partnership shows no signs of slowing down.

Recently. The multi-platinum producer shared exciting news during an interview with Spotify’s RapCaviar before his show in Egypt.

According to Metro Boomin. He and the Canadian singer are collaborating on new music for The Weeknd’s upcoming album.

In a video posted on the platform’s Instagram, Metro Boomin revealed…

“Me and him working on a lot of stuff. You know, we cookin’ up for his new album. A lot of people gonna be real pleased and even more happier”.

However. This news has fans eagerly anticipating the new song from The Weeknd. While hoping it will deliver the same high-quality music that the duo has consistently produced.

Also. Their partnership has indeed been fruitful over the years.

Reflecting on their collaborative history, Metro Boomin mentioned…

“The songs we did with The Weeknd, frequent collaborator of mine. ‘Low Life’ was the beginning of our journey, to now, which was with Future”.

To clarify…

Their work together started with hits like…

“Low Life”.

And has only grown stronger, with multiple collaborations in recent years.

Additionally. Metro Boomin referenced their notable projects, saying…

“I feel like it was just a full circle moment for him to appear between the two albums, like four times? That’s big. That’s family”.

Well. The albums in question are Metro’s back-to-back joint projects with Future, titled…

“We Don’t Trust You”. And also, “We Still Don’t Trust You”.

Which was released in March and April, respectively.

Moreover. The duo’s recent collaborations includes…

“Creepin'” from Metro’s “Heroes & Villains”. And “All To Myself” from “We Still Don’t Trust You”.

On the latter track. The Weeknd, whose real name is Abel Tesfaye, delivers poignant lyrics that many believe take aim at Drake.

However. It goes like this…

“These n-ggas always yappin’, yeah. I promise that I got your back, Ooh. Look at how we movin’, baby. They could never diss my brothers, baby…”

These lyrics are thought to reference Drake’s past attempts to sign The Weeknd to his OVO Sound label.

Despite their early collaborations. The two artists have had a rocky relationship, which ultimately led The Weeknd to choose to carve his own path in the music industry.

Regardless, The Weeknd’s new music with Metro Boomin is highly anticipated, especially given their track record of creating hits.

Also, Their chemistry in the studio has consistently resulted in chart-topping tracks, and fans are eager to hear the latest fruits of their collaboration.

Metro Boomin also highlighted the personal bond they share, likening their relationship to family. And this deep connection likely contributes to the seamless synergy in their music, making the announcement of a new song from The Weeknd all the more thrilling.

Furthermore, The dynamic between The Weeknd and Metro Boomin is a testament to their ability to evolve and grow together in the music industry.

As they continue to push boundaries and create new sounds, each collaboration adds a new layer to their already impressive discographies.

In conclusion, the news of a new song from The Weeknd, produced by Metro Boomin, is generating significant buzz.

Their collaborative history promises that this upcoming release will be another hit.

Fans can expect nothing less than excellence from this duo, as they continue to dominate the music scene with their innovative and compelling tracks.

Stay tuned for more updates on Aswehiphop for The Weeknd’s new album and the exciting new music that’s on the way.