New Album Update From JID: Hip Hop Is Alive And Well

New Album Update From JID: Hip Hop Is Alive And Well

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JID has thrilled fans with a much-anticipated new album update, firmly declaring that hip hop is far from struggling.

The Dreamville rapper, known for his dynamic performances and lyrical prowess. Took to Instagram to share exciting news about his forthcoming project.

During a spectacular performance at the Kingdom Arena in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia on May 18.

JID captivated millions of viewers worldwide in the prelude to Oleksandr Usyk’s victory over Tyson Fury.

Suspended in a glass box high above the ring, JID’s electrifying show became a testament to his claim that “hip-hop is alive and well”.

Following this memorable event. JID updated fans on May 21, confirming that his new album will drop after his current tour wraps up this summer.

He expressed gratitude for the immense effort behind the scenes. Emphasizing mainly on the hard work and dedication involved in bringing such a performance to life.

“Finally back from Saudi Arabia and I’m just here to say it’s so much behind the scenes, in front of the scene work that goes into each step of this shit.

And I am Truly Humble under God (Free thug) for the people that help contribute to executing this amazing event”, JID shared on Instagram.

Furthermore, He emphasized, saying…

“A n-gga was 100 feet in the Air rapping bout some n-gga Shit. Hip-Hop is alive and well (album after tour)”.

Currently, JID is on the American Dream Tour, opening for 21 Savage.

Also, The tour, which also features Nardo Wick and 21 Lil Harold…

Spans 30 dates across North America, starting in early May and concluding on June 15 in their hometown of Atlanta.

JID has additional shows scheduled in Chicago and Milwaukee on June 16 and July 6, respectively.

Therefore, fans can expect the new album to arrive shortly after these dates.

The new album update from JID includes the album title…

“Forever & A Day”.

Which continues the thematic journey of his previous works, namely, 2022’s “The Forever Story” and his 2017 debut “The Never Story”.

This thematic continuity has been a hallmark of JID’s discography, while also showcasing his ability to weave narratives across multiple projects.

In addition to his solo work, JID has hinted at a joint project with Metro Boomin, one of hip hop’s top producers.

This collaboration has generated considerable buzz, as Metro Boomin’s influence in the industry continues to rise.

The new album update from JID thus not only promises fresh solo tracks but also potentially groundbreaking collaborative efforts.

JID’s prowess has not gone unnoticed by other hip-hop legends. Last year, Big Boi of OutKast praised JID, saying his music inspires him to rap again.

“I hear somebody like you and I’m like, ‘Yeah, boy. He get it’. I love MCs who are not just rapping, but they’re saying stuff at the same time”. Big Boi stated during a Rolling Stone interview.

Such endorsements underscore JID’s significant impact on the genre.

To bring to a close, the new album update from JID assures fans that hip-hop is thriving.

His commitment to his craft, dynamic performances, and high-profile collaborations signal an exciting future for both JID and the genre.

As he wraps up his tour and prepares to release “Forever & A Day”. The anticipation among his followers continues to build.

Stay tuned for more updates on Aswehiphop as JID continues to elevate hip-hop with his innovative sound and compelling storytelling.