NBA Richest Opp

Stream NBA YoungBoy’s Third Album Release of the Year, ‘Richest Opp’, Taking Aim at Other Rappers

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NBA YoungBoy has released his third album of the year, “Richest Opp,” and it seems to take aim at other rappers in the industry. The title itself suggests that listeners can expect a few diss shots on the album. Interestingly, he left out fellow rapper Soulja Boy from this album, which has created some buzz in the hip-hop world.

Just a few weeks after releasing his 33-track album “Don’t Try This At Home,” NBA YoungBoy is back with yet another project. In January, he also dropped “I Rest My Case.” The announcement of the album release coincided with Lil Durk’s album drop for “Almost Healed.” The two artists even engaged in a Twitter exchange about the timing of their releases, making this a highly anticipated showdown in the hip-hop scene.

For those who want to hear what all the buzz is about, NBA YoungBoy’s latest album “Richest Opp” is available now. The artist recently shared the tracklist on Instagram. Listeners can expect to hear some targeted lyrics as NBA YoungBoy continues to establish himself in the industry.

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