Nasty C Shares New Song Feat. T.I “They Don’t” – Listen
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Nasty C Shares New Song Feat. T.I "They Don't" - Listen

Nasty has been making positive move following his Def Jam deal. He released new song featuring T.I and it’s called They Don’t.

Listening to their joint single, it also pop up reference to latest tragic death about George Floyd and T.I is quiet vocal on his own line were he raps, “Guess they’d rather see us all in civil unrest / Than to go and make some f*ckin arrests / How you supposed to serve and protect / with your knee on my neck?”

Not the first time rappers are loosing. Both Ty Dolla Sign, YG and more have released related songs over what went down yet you can also listen T.I and Nasty C makes remark. Listen below.

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