How to Be a Very Good Rapper

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Guidelines of becoming a good rapper

 Rap is a talk , conversation and also a line of speech having a regular pattern of sounds.OR a group of words that rhymes with each other which are chanted with sounds.

Rap is not actually a form of music that is made up  with a lot of melodies and harmonies,it is mainly spoken rhyme.Rap only fulfills the rhyme section,it can also be seen as a way through which one expresses his or her feelings in a musical form which may be an imagination or about an incident that happened in the past.

Although, in everything someone wants to start up, he or she must have a topic in mind ,for example, a song writer must have topic of the song he or she wants to write in mind before writing and also a novelist must have a topic in mind before writing any story, so that is also related to rapping of songs, before you start rapping, you must have a topic which you are going to start with which will then enhance you to flow.
Secondly, it is very necessary that a rapper uses meaningful words and also word that rhymes with the previous words he or she has mentioned and also makes sure the words he or she is combining together are giving out informations or as well teach.
Forming a team can also help you to be a very good and passionate rapper, just like the first rappers Dj Cool Herc and Coke La Rock,in the year 1976 the two men teamed up and split rhyme which made them the first rappers to do that.

Language also matters in rap, as an uprising rapper you should learn how to mind the type of language you use, especially the language people around you or your fans can understand so easily or better use your nattive or your local language which people of your town understand better because if they don’t understand what you are saying ,they will not link or connect you to people who can help flourish, mind you the success of any singer or rapper begins from his or her home town, then when you might have gotten to a certain level where your fans will be satisfied with any thing you say or rap than you can now start using any language of your choice.

Lastly, as an uprising rapper you should not be making hateful statements in you rap or if that is necessary then you should say it in a way people will see it as an advise or correction and also have in mind that you start really matters in your career.

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