Meek Mill Shares New Song “Outside Of America”

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Meek Mill Shares New Song "Outside Of America"

Everyone is loving as Meek Mill maintains his outspoken probably when people are mistreated, misleaded of course as a rapper, an experienced ex felon. Milly’s music front haven’t being heard since this year following Blacklivematters, how racism continue to shelve plans in affection of opposition race. 

Today he’s back with new rap gems over the wake of brutality and humiliation which has been around. Meek Mill finally voice out via new song titled Outside Of America where he raps, “Reportin’ live from the other side / Same corner where my brothers died / Livin’ life, we ain’t got care / Tell my momma I ain’t dyin’ here.” As he reflects on George Floyd’s death.

He had first teased the track on Thursday with a snippet and his past appearance on CNN. As we know by now, riots and protests have erupted across various cities after George Floyd was killed while being arrested by a white cop in Minneapolis. Stream below.

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