Most Featured Artists of 2022 So Far: US

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Updated: July 2022

This page has been updated with the most featured hip-hop rapper so far in 2022. Check out 21 Savage’s featured song which we compiled earlier this month. 21 Savage has about 9 featured songs so far. Although he is the latest rapper we updated his 2022 song and has the same of features with Lil Durk’s 2022 featured songs.


Here we bring you the most featured artists of 2022 so far. Amahiphop present this base on it’s 2022 compilations which has featured Lil Baby 2022 song, Lil Wayne 2022 songs, 2 Chainz 2022 songs and more artists. Amahiphop will only compile artist’s songs of the year if he or she get the minimum number of features outside solo singles or album.

However, this year’s compilations brought same predecessors enlisted in 2021 top compilations. Although just few of them with new a rapper we are compiling his songs for the first. Lil Durk has got his first compilation this year with more songs featuring him. Having delivered his 7220 album last month, he continue to get more related features. The album has given him second No. 1 album on Billboard Hot 200 was also added to his 2022 compilation list.

So far, the most featured artists of 2022 includes Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj, Lil Durk with more that will soon be updated.

While that is not the most featured artist of 2022, the above mentioned are hip hop rappers who have gotten a ton of collaborations externally. Checking Lil Wayne 2022 songs and Lil Durk 2022 songs, then it’s obvious these rappers have more featured songs since this year and more to come. Remember this is not the most streamed rappers of 2022 so far. But the case of most streamed rappers in 2022 so far, Drake and NBA YoungBoy are leading while Drake remains the most streaming us rapper.

We only publish this to show all the most featured us rappers in 2022 and this page will continue to get further update with new changes in feature.